Heavy Rebel Weekender - June 30 - July 2, 2017!

Contests & Shenanigans

In addition to 90+ actsCar Show, Burlesque, and a wide variety of Vendors,
here are some other things you can take part in – or just watch!




A HRW staple featuring some of the most amazing guitarists you've ever seen on one stage... dueling it out in this HRW headcutting action. DO NOT miss this show! Oh yeah, and you JUDGE the winner by screaming till you can't breathe! This contest is open to ALL HRW attendees and band members, so bring your guitar!


bass-slapoff.jpgWatch and cheer as your favorite bassists play along with a hand-picked HRW rhythm section, each showing off their unique take and skills on the instrument. Where else in America or anyewhere can you see 10 upright bassists sharing the stage in relative harmony and dissonance? Heavy Rebel Weekend is the only place! The Bass Contest has become second only to the Guitar Contest and is not to miss! Again, this is crowd judged and open to all!



The HRW Raffle is held on Sunday. Tickets are sold throughout the weekend. Grand Prize is a box full of CDs from HRW bands, HRW T-Shirts, work shirts, HRW and band merch, 2 tickets for the 2018 HRW, beer tickets and more. There are second and third prizes, too!


donutcontest.jpgSit down in front of a mountain of Krispy Kreme goodness and scarf down as many as you can in 2 minutes. Whoever eats the most WITHOUT puking, WINS! What do you win? We'll let ya know! This replaces the nanner puddin’ contest from previous years, due to the closing of the Kopper Kitchen.







tidlaurawrasslin.jpgMud Wrestling for 2017 will once again be truly clean mud. No rocks, sticks or anything else to poke at you! Held during the HRW Custom Car and Bike Show, The Mud Pit continues to be on of the favorite spectacles to behold at HRW, everyone and anyone is invited to join in the pit. Mud Wrestling is, of course, free to all HRW attendees and even non-HRW attendees! Teams and grudge matches are super encouraged and will be rewarded with fun HRW prizes




beercontest.gifOK people, Its pretty self-explanatory. You show us you're 21, we put your ass on stage, supply you with FREE beer and YOU drink it. Last years winner drank 5, can you do better? Here's the catch: You get 60 seconds, you CAN NOT puke, it must go IN your mouth (not on the floor), you will be yelled at by the crowd, and there is no 2ND place! Winner receives $100 worth of drink tickets!








Ladies (over 18 please), if you think you have a gift from the heavens and want to prove it, then sign right up for the Wet Wifebeater Contest! Hosted by JimmyBrad, NC's premier boob connoisseur, and held Saturday night on the main stage, this has proven to be one of the most attractive attractions of the weekend! It's the HRW equivalent of a wet t-shirt contest and the girls will be competing for your vote as they are showered with ice cold water! These girls really put it all out there for a chance to win tickets for next year and more! Come support your favorite boobs!







RACE DETAILS: A crowd favorite since it's inception in 2014! The HRW Big Wheel Race will have two lanes. In each lane, one rider will race the length of the track down and back to the start, going around cones and obstacles. The first rider to get down and back and across the finish line is the winner of that heat.

All riders will be entered into a tournament bracket, which will be single elimination, and we will continue competing until we’ve named our Heavy Rebel Weekender Big Wheel Race winner!!

CUSTOM BIG WHEELS: Riders with custom big wheels will compete against each other in separate heats. No engines/motors.

AWARDS: Awards will be presented for the winner, most creative big wheel and most creative costume...maybe more!

BASICS: Riders will be required to sign a waiver to be able to race. Riders under 18 will need a parent to sign the waiver.

Simple non-jerk conduct is expected and you might want to wear some safety stuff:

  • A helmet (very recommended)

  • Leather work gloves (prevent your hands from getting cut up)

  • Elbow pads

  • Knee pads