Heavy Rebel Weekender - June 30 - July 2, 2017!

About Us


The Heavy Rebel Weekender is a celebration of the Heaviest Rebels of Rock and Roll. It is that simple. People and ideas that rebel against the status quo and change the landscape of music and culture. This idea is why HRW can never be a singular genre festival. The concept of bringing many different sub-cultures together, under one roof, for a weekend of drinking, rockin' and meeting new people was new when we decided to start this shindig back in 2000. We pride ourselves in the all accepting attitude created at HRW by our attendees. That’s why we call it “The best party with your best friends!”

Heavy Rebel Weekender is unique in its ability to showcase working bands and touring bands - bands that make a living playing music and driving shitty vans and buses. Bands that call the road home. Want to play? 

Heavy Rebel Weekender takes place at the Millennium Center in downtown Winston-Salem, NC every 4th of July weekend.